The name is in honor of Giuseppe Tudino’ father, family dedicated to agricolture in the village of Ripa for generations, who passed away prematurely while we were working on this project.

Healthy grapes are the only ingredient here. Once hand harvested in small containers (12 Kg) grapes are brought to the cellar, destemmed and pressed. Fermentations start spontaneously and usually takes place in stainless steel tanks. We believe that the grapes must be destemmed and pressed asap, so we organize our harvest in a way that we can collect and press the grapes of every single day of work. Every evening during harvest the cellar is always clean and we are able to press our grapes within few hours from the collection.
The estate doesn’t add yeasts outside those present in the grape skin and doesn’t control the temperatures, refusing any chemical agent during vinification, except for a minimum of sulfur. Agricolavinica’s wines are also neither filtered nor clarified as both operations affect the vineyard’s pure expression.

Nature knows
its best.

We have chosen the Stelvin screw cap to seal our white, rosé and orange bottles with the desire to provide our clientele with a 100% pure and natural product. This ensures that the wine is protected from external contamination or oxidation and eliminates the risk of natural-cork contamination which can cause unpleasant earthy, musty and moldy aromas. This new screw blocks the entrance of oxygen thus slowing the aging of bottled wine and preserving the product and all its desired characteristics. The closure is made of three elements: an external tin laminate, a polyethylene expanding seal and a tin foil layer (which is the only component in direct contact with the wine) protecting the product from external contamination. Our motto is ” from the vineyard to your glass”.
The best way to taste the alluring essence and fragrance of our unwavering terroir is to open our bottle of wine!
Our screw cap is a wise choice which ensures a product 100% pure and natural with consistent quality.
For the red wines we chose a very innovative closure, Ardeaseal a project from MIT in Boston which also guarantees the least oxygen contamination together with the Stelvin. This type of closure completely blocks the oxygen intake and slows down the evolution of wine in the bottle while keeping intact all its organoleptic characteristics.
We are very much aware that not having preservatives and low sulphited oxygen is our first enemy.
Not using cork today it i also an eco-sustainable choice saving the sacrifice of cortex trees.