The altitude ranges from 550 to 750 meters above sea level. The territory is ideal for quality driven agriculture due to the incredible nature and soils’ varieties: limestone / clayey, sandy and pebbles formed over 50 million years ago. Ideal sun facing vineyards, along with remarkable temperature excursions even during the warmer seasons plus windy breezes make Agricolavinica estate truly blessed. The whole property is certified organic and works with conservative cultivation techniques in order to preserve the ecosystem and only with the use of natural products.

Nature knows
its best.

Tintilia is an autochthonous grape of Molise, for long time highly considered by the local population. The introduction of fashionable international varieties in the ‘90s, along with its “nervous” attitude (low yields compared to more productive grapes such as Montepulciano and prone to several disease) severely threatened the variety which risked to disappear.
We produce first of all Tintilia (11 hectares are Tintilia vineyards) which is our Molise indigenous grape variety.
Tintilia is produced in 3 different versions: Tintilia Beat our carbonic full cluster maceration red (3000 bottles), Tintilia Rosato with few hours skin contact (4000 bottles) and Tintilia Red Lame del Sorbo which is de-stemmed, gently pressed and fermented for about 20 days and then aged for 3 years in stainless (12000 bottles)
Merlot: 1 year in stainless 3000 bottles
Pinot Nero: 1 year in stainless 2000 bottles
Sangiovese: 1 year in stainless 1000 bottles
Aglianico: Blended 50/50 with Tintilia 2 years in stainless 3000 bottles
Sauvignon Blanc: 2 years in stainless 6000 bottles
Riesling: 1 year in stainless 2500 bottles
Moscato Passito: Blended 70/30 with Riesling hand picking in September natural drying on nets and pressed in November 1 year in stainless 1000 bottles
Trebbiano Orange: 14 days skin contact open tank fermentation and 1 year in stainless 2500 bottles.